3 - 15psi Pneumatic Positioner

3 - 15psi Pneumatic Positioner


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Key Features
  • Pneumatic Positioner
  • For double acting and spring return actuators
  • Input signal 3-15 PSI
  • Supply pressure of 20-100 PSI
  • IP66 Protected


3 - 15psi Pneumatic Positioner

Our 3 - 15psi Pneumatic Positioner is a well designed compact pneumatic positioner intended to control pneumatic actuated valves for both double acting and spring return actuators. Input signal 3-15 PSI with a supply pressure of 20-100 PSI. IP66 Protected.

Pneumatic positioners receive a pneumatic control signal and translates that signal into a pneumatic output signal, which controls the valve actuator. This positioner is an industry standard and is extensively used for process control.

Our pneumatic valve positioners are used in conjunction with control valve assemblies, to provide an accurate valve position that is proportional to the input signal received from a control device (controller or sensor). The input signal range is 3 to 15 psi g range. The positioners are normally fitted to pneumatic rack and piston actuators, but however can be adapted for use with pneumatic, long-stroke linear cylinder actuators or with pneumatic diaphragm actuators.

Key features:

  • Ambiant Temperature: -20°C to 70°C
  • IP66 Protection
  • Vibration resistance design
  • Input signal 3 - 15psi
  • Supplied with mounting bracket


 3 - 15psi Pneumatic Positioner Datasheet

Technical Attributes

Manufacturer VOLT