Control Valves - The Guide

Control Valves - The Guide

Here at Valves Online we recognise the challenges faced by yourselves, regarding process and control valves, which we meet with the experience we have accumulated on the physics of measurement, control and regulating technology and are happy to offer the best valve solution for your application.

We offer various valves to meet your control requirements form the basic V sector quarter turn ball valve to globe, diaphragm and butterfly valve technology.

Below we have put together a guide detailing the control valves we offer and what applications they are best suited for, if you need any advice please contact our Technical Sales team.

Rotary Control Valves

Quarter Turn – Ball Valves

V sector ballsAll the V sector quarter turn ball valves can be operated manually, electrically and pneumatically. The valve comprises of a 3-three-piece body and instead of a ball with a round hole fitted we replace it with a V sector hole in 30°, 60° and 90°-degree segments or ball angle.

These valves are sized on a flow chart which relate to the valve size, angle and flow rate in M3/h. on the chart you should be trying to reach 70% - 80% for the maximum flow (this is so that if you need to increase the maximum flow you still have a little to play with).

The chart is based for clear liquids such as water at 20°C and this is important a pressure drop across the valve of a minimum of 0.5bar (pressure drop is the difference between the inlet and outlet of the valve.

If you have any doubt in selecting the correct valve just contact us and we will size up the valve for you, (that’s what we are here for!)

Pneumatic V Sector Ball Control Valve

V Sector Control ValveOur Pneumatic V Sector Ball Control Valve is a robust and compact unit designed to meet process flow requirements; ideal for use in commercial and industrial process applications, comprising of a high-performance modulating ball valve, quality pneumatic actuator and state-of-the-art positioner.

The Pneumatic V Sector Ball Control Valve is the perfect choice for maintaining flow rates in continuous or batch processing operations, controlling the pressure of liquid filling lines and discharging the temperature of heat exchangers that have a steam feed line.

Thanks to the pneumatic actuation and digital positioner the V-Sector Ball Control Valve is more than suitable for dynamic and fast changing processes where a minimal hysteresis and robust operation is required.

Set up and programming is simple to undertake using the self-auto tune positioner, accepting 4-20mA or 0-10-volt input signals and offering multiple feedback options.

Available to order from stock with 30°, 60° or 90° V notch ball in a choice of body options:

  • 3 Piece Heavy Duty Design, featuring encapsulated bolts and suitable for pressures up to 2000PSI. This body option is available in Carbon Steel (WCB) or Stainless Steel (CF8M) materials to suit your process and budgetary requirement. End Connection options for this body style include threaded ends (BSP or NPT), Socket Weld and Butt Weld Schedule 40.
  • 2 Piece High Performance Flanged Design, available to suit the most commonly encountered flange drillings and pressure ratings such as PN16 and ANSI150 as standard, and available in PN40 and ANSI300 upon request, all supplied in either stainless steel or Carbon Steel.

Pneumatic V Sector Ball Control ValvePN16 Flanged Pneumatic V Sector Ball Control Valve

Electric V Sector Ball Control Valve

Electric V Sector Ball Control ValveOur Electric V Sector Ball Control Valve is a modulating ball valve designed for the safe and accurate control of flowing media.

Used for controlling, batching and maintaining the flow, level, temperature and pressure within industrial, chemical and food / beverage manufacturing industries, comprising of a high-performance modulating ball valve, quality electric actuator and proportional control unit.

Accepting 4-20mA or 0 -10 Volt input signals and available to order from stock with 30°, 60° or 90° V notch ball.

The Electric actuator offers slightly different strengths than the pneumatically operated control valve in that the slower operation makes it more suitable for more static less dynamic systems, it has built-in end of travel feedback and an integral manual override.

The design and construction can also make it more suitable depending on the location or atmospheric requirements in that it has a built-in anti condensation heater, an IP67 enclosure and is available in multiple construction materials suck as Nylon/PA or Polyester Coated Aluminium and can also be offered with ATEX approval to ATEX II 2 GD Ex d II B T6.

Essentially the same as the pneumatically operated version the Electrically Operated Ball Control valve has the following body and connection options:

  • 3 Piece Heavy Duty Design, suitable up to 2000PSI. Available in Carbon Steel (WCB) or Stainless Steel (CF8M) materials. End Connections including: Threaded ends (BSP or NPT), Socket Weld and Butt Weld Schedule 40.
  • 2 Piece High Performance Flanged Design, available as standard in PN16 and ANSI150 also, available in PN40 and ANSI300 and supplied in either stainless steel or Carbon Steel.

Electric V Sector Ball Control Valve

Quarter Turn – Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Control ValveOur metal bodied resilient seated and double offset quarter turn butterfly valves can also be operated manually, electrically and pneumatically in control applications.

Suitable for high flow applications (typically we recommend between 30 to 70% of the valve Kv), butterfly valves offer an economic option for the control of fluids, we have multiple options available each of which are suitable for different processes:

  • Resilient Soft Seated Butterfly Valves; featuring different materials of construction such as Ductile Iron or Stainless Steel Bodies, Choice of Disc Materials (Stainless Steel, Aluminium Bronze, Nylon Coated, EPDM Coated and PTFE Coated) With different liner options such as EPDM, BUNA, Viton, PTFE, Hygienic Control Butterfly ValveSilicon. This valve offers wide compatibility for many process including but not limited to Industrial, Chemical and Water industries.
  • The double offset offers high performance with the ability to control higher temperatures, and greater pressures. Typical applications for this valve include the control of exhaust gases, hot water systems in HVAC applications and the new addition of a 25 Bar rated valve, which has been used on high rise pumping.
  • Hygienic – we have a sanitary butterfly valve that is electrically operated which accepts various control signals. This has proven to be an ideal option when there is no pneumatic control air available.

Contact us to enquire about our Quarter Turn Butterfly Valves

Linear Control Valves

Globe Control Valves

Burkert Type 8802 Pneumatic Threaded and Flanged Continuous Control Globe Valve

Burkert 8802The first in our range of globe control valves offers a winning solution for precise and accurate control applications. Light in weight and ultra-compact, it offers excellent characteristics for effective continuous control.

The variation of the flow is the function of the parabolic plug position. Stainless steel or PTFE seals offer either class IV or class VI shut off and each body size has a range of control plugs and corresponding replaceable seats for perfect sizing of any throttling application.

This valve is fitted with a digital electro pneumatic positioner that offers an easy start up function (X tune) and accepts 4-20 mA and 0-10-volt signals. The higher accuracy is achieved because of the linear motion, the specially designed plug and the ultra-smooth running actuator.

A Control Valve system consisting of the Type 2301 Globe control valve and the Type 8692 TopControl Positioner, supplied fully assembled. Through the compact modular design of Burkert’s ELEMENT system the 8802 Continuous Control system has a compact and aesthetically pleasing design with integrated pneumatic lines. Exhibiting superior chemical resistance and IP65 protection the 8802 Ange Seat Control Valve is also one of the few control valves compliant with EHEDG guidance.

The Type 2301 Control valve is an ELEMENT design valve of stainless steel construction available in sizes ½” to 2 ½” with threaded ‘G’ connections as standard, other end connections available upon request.

The 2301 Angle Seat Valve offers as standard an equal percentage control plug complete with stainless steel seating with a leakage rate of class IV making it suitable for a wide range of applications including Liquids, Gas and Steam up to 16 Bar and 185°C.The flow optimised body offers high cycle life and maintenance free operation, additionally it demonstrates excellent control characteristics with several Kv values available for each port size.

The Type 8692 TopControl positioner is optimized for the direct mounting onto ELEMENT design valves. The control air channels are all internal and the valve is monitored through contact free position sensors. Offered as standard with intelligent functions such as auto-tune and diagnostic functions according to NAMUR NE107. The integrated display and keyboard allow the easy selection, parametrisation and control of the valve and process. The 8692 positioner makes use a 24VDC supply voltage and selectable inputs including 0/4-20mA and 0-5/10V.

Burkert Type 8802 Angle Seat Continuous Control Valve SystemBurkert Type 8802 Threaded Globe Continuous Control Valve SystemBurkert Type 8802 Flanged Globe Continuous Control Valve System

ARI STEVI-Vario Pneumatic Globe Control Valve C/W Digital Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

Ari Control ValvesThis globe control valve is the more traditional of design offering complex control tasks throughout critical operating conditions. A parabolic plug ensures high accuracy throughout the stroke, coupled with a yoke mounted intelligent and innovative position controller that is designed for tough and agile process environments.

The ARI-STEVI Vario offers numerous benefits over other control valves including long life stem seals proven millions of times over, flexible changeable trims offering multiple Kvs values per body size, precise and durable operation (even at high differential pressures) thanks to the vibration reducing shaft guiding, easy handling, the small footprint, rotatable upper part and reduced weight when compared with other control valves.

Suitable for non-critical complex control tasks uses in applications such as industrial complexes, plant construction and process technology installations for mediums such as cooling water, cooling brine, warm water, hot water and steam.

Offered as standard in the .448 trim with Stainless Steel (1.4021+QT) Trim and the Spring-Loaded PTFE V-Ring unit complete with the Spring Return (Fail Close) Pneumatic Actuator and the Valves Online Digital Electro-Pneumatic Positioner unit. Available Body options including; Cast Iron (ENJL1040), Nodular Iron, Cast Steel and Stainless Steel. Options available upon request include different trim materials, parabolic plugs with PTFE seats, miniature Kvs values, increased tightness on seats i.e. Class IV leakage rates, and bellows extension unit for high temperature operation up to 450°C.

The highly adaptable valve configuration means that the valve is suitable for a wide range of connections and pressures such as PN16, PN25, PN40, ANSI150 and ANSI300.

If you are not sure of the size, you require for your process please do not hesitate to get in contact with our Technical Sales team who will be able to size the correct valve for your process.

PN16 Cast Iron ARI STEVI-Vario Pneumatic Globe Control Valve C/W Digital Electro-Pneumatic PositionerPN25 Nodular Iron ARI STEVI-Vario Pneumatic Globe Control Valve C/W Digital Electro-Pneumatic PositionerPN40 Cast Steel ARI STEVI-Vario Pneumatic Globe Control Valve C/W Digital Electro-Pneumatic PositionerPN40 Stainless Steel ARI STEVI-Vario Pneumatic Globe Control Valve C/W Digital Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

Burkert 8801Diaphragm Control Valves

With the help of our partners we now have the ability to offer a weir pattern diaphragm valve that has the ability to control everyday process fluids to ultra-pure liquids.

Available in a wide range of plastic and metallic body materials where corrosive, pure or abrasive media are controlled. The diaphragm is the key component and can be offered in materials to suit the temperature, chemical or fluid required. When used in conjunction with our pneumatic control heads, positioners and process controllers this weir type valve provides very favourable flow characteristics offering the ability of accurate control.

Inoxpa NLR Regulating Seat Valve for Control Duties

Inoxpa NLRThe Inoxpa NLR Regulating Seat Valve for Control Duties is a proportional pneumatically actuated valve designed for flow control in hygienic and sanitary installations.

Featuring a hygienic design, manufactured from 316L with EPDM Seals and a equal percentage control characteristic and making use of the 8692 Control top this is an ideal valve for use within dairy and food processing industries, beverage production, pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industries.

All stainless-steel construction with welded end connections and spring close pneumatic actuator, available in sizes: 1" to 4".

Inoxpa NLR

Three-way control

A reliable diverter valve system that can be actuated either electrically or Pneumatically accepting various control signals. Suited more for the HVAC industry and offered in sizes up to 12”

Tee Piece Divert Valve

Tee Piece Divert ValveOur Tee Piece Divert Valve forms part of our VOLT range of actuated valves providing diverting and mixing functions, accepting either a modulating or an on | off signal.

Typical applications include HVAC - heating, cooling and air conditioning.

A robust, reliable 3 way diverting valve consisting of an electric actuator with manual handwheel, linkage system and two PN16 Lugged Butterfly Valves, assembled onto a PN16 Flanged Ductile Iron equal tee to EN598. Butterfly valves feature a Cast Iron body, 316 Stainless Steel disc and shaft with EPDM liner as standard. NBR (Buna) liner available upon request.

Tee Piece Divert Valve

Self-Acting Control

Self-acting temperature control valves are an ideal choice for heating and cooling applications. These can be used on water or steam. The design of these valves simplifies installation by eliminating the need for a power supply and any control instrument signals. These valves are reliable, fitted with long life spring mechanisms, have wide set point range and set point adjustment.

For a heating application you will require a valve that is normally open that will close with rising temperature.

For a cooling application you will require a valve that is normally closed and will open with rising temperature.

For more assistance on how to select your valve for a system click on the Valve Selection tab on the TLV TC1 product page.

TLV TC1 Self Acting Temperature Regulator

TLV Self Acting Control ValveTLV's TC1 is a self-acting temperature regulator for general steam applications which requires no power supply or signal to control the temperature of a process.

The reliable design, long-life spring and simple set point adjustment offers a direct alternative to more complex... and costly signal controlled valves. Suitable for liquids compatible with sensor head.

TLV Self Acting Control Valve

For more information or for any technical advice please contact our technical sales team: Tel: 01822 855600

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